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Beauty and treating aging

Beauty and treating aging Beauty and anti-aging treatment- the facial furrows and wrinklesThe facial furrows and wrinkles:The facial wrinkles are generally appeared for the following reasons:The wrinkles resulted from muscle contractions of the related region:Although these wrinkles are usually eme

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Gel injection on face coming soon

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Gel injection on face

Gel injection on face Injecting gel is applied in order to remove deep furrows and bumps in the face (and sometimes in the body). Silicone gels (as page gels) were used for this purpose in the past. Since these gels have some side effects and also are non-absorbable and move under skin, their use i

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Botox injections

Botox (dysport) injections Usage:Some people are unnaturally affected to involuntary contractions in facial muscles, which leads to hyperfunctional lines and contractile wrinkles which last to permanent wrinkles after some time.The most places are exposed to these contractions include the frown si

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Hair transplants

Hair transplants  Types of hair transplants Regardless to the conventional and abolished hair transplant procedures, such as punch graft which had disappointing and undesirable consequences, two academic and standard methods are described below. Moreover, some further information are presente

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eyebrow restoration

eyebrow restoration Natural eyebrow restoration Eyebrow shedding may occur as a result of an internal disease such as severe weight loss, thyroid related diseases, etc, or may be specifically seen just in eyebrows. As it was stated in the hair loss section, one major reason of this issue is trimmi

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